Preston high school Petitions

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

The petition of certain citizens of the state of Victoria draws to the attention of the house the need for a high school in the northern suburb of Preston.

In particular we note:

1.     Preston currently has a high number of secondary school-age children with more young families arriving. By 2019 there will be over 2000 secondary school-age children in this suburb, the most populated suburb within 10 kilometres of Melbourne.

2.     There is currently no local coeducational year 7 to 12 high school in the suburb.

3.     Preston kids are currently zoned to three different high schools and these high schools are filling up, with some already over enrolled.

The petitioners request a commitment by the Victorian state government to reopen Preston Girls Secondary College (Cooma Street site, Preston) as a coeducational high school to service the increasing population of this community.

By Mr SCOTT (Preston) (561 signatures).