Lunar New Year

Mr SCOTT (Minister for Finance) — The Lunar New Year was on 19 February this year. It is a particularly important celebration, which I am sure members across the chamber participated in with Chinese and Vietnamese communities and other growing communities, such as the Korean community in Victoria. With the indulgence of the Speaker I will say a few words in Mandarin:





It is also an important celebration for the Vietnamese community, who celebrate it as the Tet festival. I was lucky enough to attend a celebration at Sandown Racecourse organised by the Vietnamese Community in Australia, Victorian chapter. A particularly important and impressive program is the Vietnamese Dual Identity Leadership Program, which supports young leaders in the Vietnamese community.

The Victorian government is proud to support this program with $100 000 in funding over two years. The Vietnamese community is also dedicated to remembering the great sacrifices and triumphs of the Vietnamese community, which I am sure are an inspiration to members of this house, considering the very difficult circumstances of their migration and settlement. The Victorian government is also committed to providing $100 000 in funding for a feasibility study for the first stage of the Victorian community museum. The Vietnamese and Chinese communities in Victoria, and other communities who celebrate the Lunar New Year, are an integral part of the rich multicultural society we live in.