Frank Cox

Mr SCOTT (Minister for Finance) — I rise to pay tribute to the life of Francis George Cox, OAM, who passed away on 20 March after 99 years of service to the community and an extraordinary life. Frank Cox, as he was known, was a pillar of the community in the northern suburbs. He was a life member of the Australian Labor Party, a Coburg councillor for 33 consecutive years, three times mayor of Coburg, a member of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works and a member of just about every community association in the East Coburg area; in fact he was often the founder and long dedicated servant of those community groups.

Frank Cox was a force of nature, a man of will who shaped the world around him for the betterment of the community. He was a person who served his country during World War II and had a lifelong dedication to the RSL, particularly to disabled veterans. His extraordinary dedication to solving problems was shown by his ability to get out of situations that he faced in his own life during World War II. Captured in Greece, he was one of the few Allied servicemen who successfully had themselves repatriated from a German prisoner of war camp through bureaucratic means. It was a quite extraordinary feat. Frank was an individual who throughout his life sought to fight for those who were disadvantaged, with a will and a refusal to accept any bureaucratic obstacle to rectifying injustice he saw about him. Vale Frank Cox.