Embrace Diversity Campaign

Mr SCOTT (Minister for Finance) — The Victorian government has launched Embrace Diversity, a campaign to engage people across our community in a broad conversation about the benefits of our diversity. The campaign is employing social media and other channels for people to show their support for our successful multicultural society. By doing so it is possible for people across all areas of our society to join the conversation. I urge all members of this house to participate in the campaign.

Partners in the campaign include the AFL, Netball Victoria, Football Federation Victoria, Twitter Australia, Facebook, Google Australia, Australia Post, Australian Super, the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Westpac, the Victorian Trades Hall Council, the Melbourne Writers Festival and the Scanlon Foundation. The campaign aims to reach out to the broadest possible audience to bring the Australian community together in support of social harmony and diversity. The campaign was launched to coincide with this year’s AFL multicultural round and has already received considerable corporate and community support.

Embracing diversity is about recognising someone for who they are regardless of their age, gender, sexuality or cultural background. No matter what our cultural heritage is or where we are from, celebrating our diversity is what makes us great. We cannot take this for granted. Diversity is very precious, and harmony can be fragile. We are all different people but part of one community. Everyone has the right to be included and to belong. Promoting social harmony and cohesion is an ongoing responsibility of all of us, and Victoria has a wonderful tradition of bipartisan support for multiculturalism. I hope all members of this house will embrace the Embrace Diversity campaign.