Labor To Restore Fair Compensation For Crash Victims

The Andrews Labor Government will fulfil another election commitment by reversing legislation introduced by the previous Liberal Government that restricted Victorians’ ability to claim common law compensation following a transport accident.

Minister for Finance Robin Scott today tabled a Bill in the Legislative Assembly to reverse the Liberals’ October 2013 amendments to the Transport Accident Act 1986.

The Liberals’ changes included the addition of clinical criteria to define a severe mental injury in order to limit the cost of common law claims covered by the Transport Accident Commission.

This criteria required people to prove an accident-related mental illness had failed to respond to three years of continuous treatment and had impaired their ability to work or maintain relationships.

The Government will also reverse legislation that prevents family members from bringing a TAC common law claim in cases where it’s been proven that the dead or injured relative committed or attempted to commit suicide, or died, or was injured by their own negligence.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Finance, Robin Scott

“The changes made by the Liberals meant that victims could be unfairly denied common law compensation for injuries caused by traumatic car accidents.”

“Victims who have suffered these injuries don’t need more obstacles, they need fair compensation to help put their lives back on track.”

“We made a promise to Victorians that these changes made by the previous Government would go, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

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