Robin Scott MP welcomed the Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert’s announcement that subsidy rates for pre-accredited programs will increase.

The increase in funding through the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board, would see funding rise by nearly $2 million to $17.8 million, to deliver pre-accredited programs in 2016.
This means that from January 1 next year, the hourly pre-accredited subsidy rate will rise from $7.19 per hour to $8.20.
This is only an interim measure, to correct the funding inequity in Victoria. The VET Funding Review, which is already underway, will determine a fairer, more equitable funding model for training in the state.


Under the previous Liberal Government, funding for pre-accredited programs didn’t increase, despite Learn Local organisations in Preston facing rising cost pressures to continue to deliver high-quality training.


Mr Herbert said pre-accredited training provides disadvantaged learners with opportunities to get off the treadmill of unemployment and back on the footpath to work or further study.


Robin Scott MP said the Labor Government was establishing Victoria as the Education State to help ensure all Victorians had access to training and education opportunities, including Learn Local organisations.
ACFE Board Acting Chair Ron Wilson said the higher hourly subsidy rate is a critical element of the ACFE Board’s strategy to support Learn Local organisations to deliver quality education and training that engages with learners who face disadvantage.
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Quotes attributable to Robin Scott MP

“Pre-accredited training provides disadvantaged learners in Preston with opportunities to get off the treadmill of unemployment and back on the footpath to work or further study.”

“This decision, supported by an additional $1.8 million in Victorian Government funding, will help address the cost-pressures facing Learn Local organisations to continue to provide high-quality training opportunities.”


Quotes attributable to Acting ACFE Board Chair Ron Wilson

“This increase in hourly subsidy rates aligns with the ACFE Board’s strategy to support Learn Locals to better engage with learners who have faced disadvantage by providing pre-accredited programs that enable people to get on the pathway to work or further study.”

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